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    Invoke-VMscript default ScriptType issue

    rg01 Novice

      I have 2 Linux VMs I'm trying to run invoke-vmscript on and vmware tools doesn't seem to be detecting the right OS on one of them. When I view the info of the 2 guests I see a difference but how do I get it to detect it properly or force it to. They are both identical as far as what is manually specified on the VM Options for Gues OS and Guest OS version. I don't want to put the -ScriptType parameter in my script since this is part of an automated script and it could be Windows or Linux.


      Works fine without the ScriptType parameter set for this one:

      GuestId                         : centos64Guest

      GuestFamily                     : linuxGuest

      GuestFullName                   : CentOS 4/5 or later (64-bit)


      Requires the ScriptType parameter for this one:

      GuestId                         :

      GuestFamily                     : otherGuestFamily

      GuestFullName                   : Linux 2.6.32-696.10.1.el6.x86_64 CentOS

                                        release 6.9 (Final)