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    What *exactly* is the "Enhanced Keyboard Driver" for

    Nimral201110141 Lurker

      This is a very basic question, I know, but I haven't find a satisfactory answer, so maybe someone can clarify.


      The driver is installed in my host, and does hook into the standard keyboard driver chain. This does sound a little scary to me, knowing Microsoft's habit to change Windows internals at will and not caring too much wether competing products are broken or not. So if the driver doesn't do any good for me, I'd rather not install it.


      The docs do say, thet the driver does "somehow" do "something" good for foreign language keyboards. Well, I have a foreign language keyboard (German), in fact I have plenty of them (very basic ones as well as "Multimedia" keyboards with tons of special keys, mainly made by Microsoft and Logitech, but also other brands), and I have never noticed any difference between hosts with and without the Enhanced Keyboard Driver.


      This may be caused by the fact that I hardly ever use any "Enhanced" functionality inside a VM, but I notice that many special keys like volume controls, Windows key, Alt-Gr key work regardless of whether I install teh Enhanced Keboard driver or not.


      So can anybody clarify why I need this driver, and what kind of malfunction I will experience if I don't install it?

      Thx, Armin.