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    Google Chrome on Appstack , User Profile issue

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      We installed Google Chrome in appstack,  being with user profile putting on persistent disk (local profile).
      But somehow, after we recompose the base image w/ some JAVA update,  Google Chrome prompts an  message , saying "your profile can not be used because it is from a newer version of google chrome".


      I did some test to remove the user profile and just let it re-generate, then it works.

      I just wonder whether JAVA updates or any other base image updates could impact the google chrome profile in %Appdata% .??

      Any thoughts ?


      Certainly, i need to drill down what the exact thing got updated in that recompose action.

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          Ray_handels Expert
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          Could it be that Chrome updated itself and changed information in the %APPDATA% after updating itself?

          When you install Chrome base it enables all kinds of update processes. It has 2 tasks it enables to update and 2 services it uses to update. It also creates en update folder where the application is installed. We don't see this issue popping up with our writables and Chrome installed in base.

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            VDINinja311 Novice

            Ray hit it on the head. You will get that specific error if Chrome updates itself, or you attempt to use a new version and then go back a version of Chrome.


            We for sure disabled these two services in the AppStack. And make sure they stay disabled when updating Chrome in the AppStack.


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              We found out that it is even easier to do this without the hazard of human failure if you update or recreate the appstack.

              Just download the ADMX template for Google Chrome's business edition and make sure to disable all update options. This way if a user tries to update anything it won't work.

              Issue is that even if you do remove the services a user can still go to settings in Chrome itself and then go to the update tab. If the folder update exists it will just update.