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    PowerCLI script to get HP Onboard Administrator IP

    ms5812 Novice

      Hi All,

      I'm in a difficult situation. I have 4 HP C7000 Chassis' that I have no IP information (OA and VCM). The Blades in the chassis are BL460 G7's (16 per Chassis total of 64 Hosts in 4 Farms). The ILO's do not appear to be configured. I'm using this query below, it is not connecting to get an IP. On others that are configured I get the IP. The team that was to set this up is gone and the Hosts are in Production, never a good thing with Murphy around. If I'm not able to get to the Chassis, is there a script I can use the set the IP, Gateway, Subnet, Unsername and Password? Yes this is a BIG mess and I need to find a way to clean it up if possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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