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    Guidance on Relinking Streaming Apps with Side by Side Upgrade

    casaro@admin.nesl.edu Lurker

      Looking for some clarity on a couple of areas related to relinking Thinapps as I'm either reading conflicting statements or am having trouble finding concrete information. We have a lot of streaming Thinapps (MSIStreaming=1) that were build on v 5.1.x of the runtime and we are looking to update them in place to 5.2.2. KB article #2030593 states that ALL files in the .\bin\ directory need to be relinked, which for many of these means it will relink .EXEs, .MSIs, .DATs and .DAT.ALTs.


      Now, because they are streaming, I can't exactly just copy/paste the new packages over the existing ones. Nor can I relink in place (I think; this didn't seem to work when I tried in. The process completes successfully, but running EXE -thinstallversion still reported the old runtime version). So as I understand, the side by side/in-place upgrade method is preferred here.


      Now, when I do an in-place upgrade, the product literature states that I simply need to copy/paste and rename the updated PDC, not the entry points (this seems to conflict with the instructions for running relink that states I need to relink everything under .\bin\). Along with this, if there are .DAT.ALT files, I understand I also need to update these in addition to the PDC/.DAT file. I assume this means I need the relinked version of this too? What about the .MSI file? It's not technically an "entry point", but nor is it the PDC. Does this have to be relinked and does it need to be updated as part of the in-place upgrade process (ie: copy/paste and renamed to .MSI.1)?


      I tested one scenario where I only updated the .DAT file (as .DAT.1) and none of the .DAT.ALT, .MSI or .EXE files. If I run EXE -thinstallversion on one of the entry points, it correctly reports the new version of the runtime, but I honestly don't know if that's the correct approach.