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    Distributed Switch Configuration Help Needed

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      I have some questions regarding the proper setup/config of a new Virtual Distributed Switch.  I have a 4-node cluster.  Each host has a total of 8 NICs.  Six 10G and two 1G NICs.  10G's will be for VM traffic (2 teamed), vSAN (2, 1 as failover) and vMotion (2 teamed).  1G's will be for management (1 as redundant).  Here are my questions:


      1.   Is it recommended to use all 8 NICs as uplinks when creating a new vDS from scratch?  I'm confused as to how many uplinks I should add to this switch and why.

      2.   Is it recommended to use a single vDS and use port groups such as a vSAN port group, production port group, etc?  Or should I used multiple vDS's?

      3.   Is the management interface typically on a vDS or should I use standard switch for that?


      Thanks for your help.  I'm new to the Distributed Switch side of things and want to make sure I understand what is needed and why.  Any config advices is appreciated.