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    vimservice65.dll licensing

    misael1984 Lurker

      Hi everyone,

      We've been working on an implementation to support ESXi 6.5, we have found some DLLs which rely on WCF GitHub - vmware/vsphere-automation-sdk-.net: C#.Net Samples for the vSphere Automation SDK, however to establish channel communication with assets take about 1-2 minutes, by looking at some of the discussions here, we found a code example which implements DLLs that doesn't rely on WCF, this makes it faster for us, we found those DLLs in the following thread Performance Manager returning no data - C#, vSphere 6.5

      • vimservice65.XmlSerializers.dll
      • vimservice65.dll


      We've been looking for the licensing regarding those DLLs in order to make sure we can include them in our product, so far we haven't found them anywhere besides the thread indicated above.

      Could somebody help us to find any information regarding those assemblies licensing?


      Thanks in advance,