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    Invalid VM after weekend

    MrCoppedge Lurker

      Virtual machine under ESXi 6 shows invalid. I'm not sure how to proceed and this system was setup a while back and I have no record from the previous admin as to the account with VMware. I called support but the woman on the phone wouldn't help me without the purchase order or the account. This VM is only a print server and our update server for ESET antivirus. We are getting ready to upgrade everything to a full VM system and won't need this VM but that will be roughly 3 months away and I would rather not trash this one and redo it if possible. Any help would be appreciated!InvalidVMWare.PNG


      Edit: The machine will not boot, all options to edit the VM are gray'd out.

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          nparas5 Enthusiast

          Check Blow if this can help, usually you can try to re-register VM :


          How to register/add a VM to the Inventory in vCenter Server (1006160) | VMware KB

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            markmc7570vm Lurker

            In this case.




            delete the VM from host and re-register to host again. if it is successful, check for the snapshots and delete it.


            Solution 2:-


            . if the above case not resolving the problem, please follow below steps


            - Checked for locks using vmkfstools –D on the parent vmdk and showed the mac address of the local host.

            - Ran lsof command to see if we could kill the process with the current file lock

            - Kill -9 of the process could not be ended as there was a lock that couldn’t be removed.

            - Rebooted the host that contained the VM.

            - Once the host was rebooted, the VM was still not starting stating it couldn’t open the parent disk vmdk.

            - Reviewed the descriptor file for the snapshot disk and parent disk vmdk file and found that the CID in the parent vmdk was not matching what the snapshot vmdk was calling.

            - Changed the CID on the parent vmdk to match what was in the snapshot descriptor file and VM powered on.

            - VM would not connect to the network as the IP information of the nic were gone.

            - Once we were able to login directly to the VM, we were able to set the IP address

            -           Rebooted the VM and validated all services were started and user could log in with domain credentials

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              Thanks for share.

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                MrCoppedge Lurker

                It looks like the original storage drive is offline, but still shows up. I'm investigating further and will update this post with the solution once found.



                The storage drive is connected to the host via Fibre Channel and the storage is online, but the vSphere can't see the storage itself.