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    ESX 6.5 Compatibility - HP DL360p Gen8 and HP P2000 G3 SAS

    wilhutchins Lurker

      Hi All,


      I have some existing infrastructure that I am looking to run vSphere Standard 6.5 upon.

      3x HP DL360p Gen8 with Xeon E5-2660

      1x HP MSA P2000G3 SAS


      I note that full support for the P2000 G3 ceases with ESX5.4 (possibly because the SAN has been marked EOL by HP), and that that only the DL360p Gen9 revision is supported by ESX6.5.


      We currently run Essentials 6.5 in another cluster with an identical setup and have had no major issues, however prior to onboarding Standard 6.5 I would like to be as 'supported as possible'.


      Can anyone provide me with some information as to the exclusion of support for these devices and any known incompatibilities that have been identified which may cause issues?


      Any assistance or information would be appreciated.