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    ESXi 6.0 Patch 5 AD Authentication issue "Cannot login due to incorrect username or password"

    LJMCP Novice

      On a newly built host deployed with Lenovo Custom ESXi image (6.0 U3) and then updated to Patch 5, we are not able to login directly to host when manually typing in AD credentials (domain\username format).  If we select "Use Windows session credentials", the login is successful.


      Not a big deal, but different behaviour than all other ESXi hosts, also running same version, but not built with Lenovo 6.0 Update 3 image.  They were patched via VUM from earlier versions.


      Host joined to AD successfully, am able to add permissions to host for AD users and groups.  Can login when selecting use Windows sessions credentials, but cannot login when manually specifying an AD account.


      I did see KB re: increasing SASL_SECPROPS maxbufsize in /etc/likewise/openldap/ldap.conf, but that did not resolve the issue.


      Any ideas?