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    thinapp package opens excel locally - License problem

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      I have a thinapp package that Works, there is only one little problem the application has a report function that can open a report in different applications. Our users want to open it in Excel and we have installed the Office package locally on the computer (no thinapp) and when I try to open it in Excel I first get an error Message from thinapp. (sorry for that some of the error Messages is in Norwegian. But the buttons says: Cancel, Try Again or Ignore


      WINWORD.EXE - Kritisk programavslutning


      ThinApp has encountered an unexpected error. Click Abort to close the application, Retry to debug, or Continue to ignore the error. Support info: PID=7744, create_process.cpp@2648


      Avbryt   Prøv på nytt   Ignorer  



      Behind this error message the correct document opens.


      If I click on Ignore I get an New error Message:


      Microsoft office can't find your license for this application. a repair attempt was unsuccessful or was cancelled (translated from Norwegian)


      All the Office applications works normally if I start them directly. But as soon as the package triggers an Office Application this happens.


      Any ideas?



      Andreas Henden