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    VXRail/VSAN  migration from VSS to VDS disconnects for about a minute

    billdossett Enthusiast

      Hey, has anyone noticed this?  I am trying to do a live migration from some old ESXi 5.1 infra to our new 5 node VXrail.  So I have a host that can see the old SAN storage and I am doing a migrate storage and compute to the VXrail on that old host.  So far I can do all of that live, no issues.  I had to create a VSS that matches the VLAN/Portgroups on the old infra as a temp measure as you can't change networks during the migrate.  So my first VXR node I just created a VSS that exactly matched all the port groups on the old infra... and no problems, it now migrates the VMs to the first node on the VXRail.   Next job is to migrate the VMs fromm the VSS to the VDS so they can move to the other nodes.  OOPS,  my VMs are getting disconnected for like 30-60 secs at least :-(


      I guess there must be something wrong, but I don't know what.   I have done loads of migrations from VSS to VDS in the past and it usually dropped 1 packet max while I was pinging it.  Same with VMKernels - I am on the latetst vsphere 6 release as all the updates have been applied to the VXR.  I've never had to tweak anything in the past when I did this, seems like something is maybe broken or changed?  Any advice?  I can stand one timeout, but not like 60 secs.  If it is going to be that long it means I have to notify all the users and arrange maintenance periods with them which is going to be an absolute  nightmare... please help.