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    VMs Wont Start after upgrading

    mitoconnect Lurker

      Dear All

      Please Help

      I created snapshot from my VMS

      in esxi I downloaded all files for vms and then I added disks and did RAID 5 again

      I installed ESXi and uploaded folders (containing VMs Disk and related files)

      But when I try to start VMs I get below Error

      Cannot open the disk "/vmfs/volumes/4b1e361e-a038c9e3.6797-001517506/Fsi/iFS-0002-vmdk" or one of the snapshot disks it depends on


      I now know the problem is with snapshot and I had not took snapshto from VMs

      But I am in a serious trouble

      Please Help me

      Thanks A million

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          a.p. Guru
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          Welcome to the Community,


          please enable SSH in the host's security settings, connect to it using e.g. putty, run ls -lisa in the VM's folder to get a complete list of files, and copy/paste the text ouput to a reply post. Make sure the you resize the putty window to avoid unnecessary line breaks.

          In addition to the file list, attach the VM's vmware.log file to your reply.