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    what is the equivalent function for nonNegativeDerivative of graphite in wavefront?.

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      Hello Team,


      i want to migrate graphs from graphite to wavefront. we use a function called nonNegativeDerivative in graphite. i am unable to find the equivalent function in wavefront. could you please provide information regarding the same?


      the description of these functions in graphite is as follows.



      This is the opposite of the integral function. This is useful for taking a running total metric and calculating the delta between subsequent data points.

      This function does not normalize for periods of time, as a true derivative would. Instead see the perSecond() function to calculate a rate of change over time.





      Each time you run ifconfig, the RX and TXPackets are higher (assuming there is network traffic.) By applying the derivative function, you can get an idea of the packets per minute sent or received, even though you’re only recording the total.


      nonNegativeDerivative(seriesList, maxValue=None)

      Same as the derivative function above, but ignores datapoints that trend down. Useful for counters that increase for a long time, then wrap or reset. (Such as if a network interface is destroyed and recreated by unloading and re-loading a kernel module, common with USB / WiFi cards.