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    NSX - L2VPN to connect Management layer from remote site to cloud provider

    priscillagr Novice



      I have the following cenario: at my on-premise site i have 5 physical hosts (installed with vSphere and all managed by a vCenter) and at a cloud  provider i have one baremetal host installed with ESXi (let's call him esxi-cloud). I would like to deploy NSX on the esxi-cloud (so i would need a vCenter and NSX Manager) and configure a L2VPN Server , so i would need also a NSX Edge.


      At my on-premises i would install a NSX Standalone Edge to be the client VPN of the L2VPN.


      My question is: is it possible for me to extend the management layer? I would like to connect my esxi-cloud to my on-premise vCenter so i could manage him on my on-premise site.

      But it's confusing because my esxi-cloud is already connected to the local vCenter at the cloud (because of the vDS i had to create to extend the layer 2).


      Should i use standard switch on esxi-cloud? Does L2VPN Server support to extend vSS port groups?


      I would love some light on this!