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    Registry.rw.tvr error

    snuggles0815 Lurker


      i use a virtualized program and there is the registry file registry.rw.tvr with 126.521.344 bytes.

      so it seems that the size of this file makes problems, bekause it produces always copys of it

      with the name damaged....

      i looked for the vregtool from net and tried this:

      vregtool registry.rw.tvr printstats

      as result

      unable to load error message for id 13

      i also tryed to export, but also the same.

      i think the size of the registry is on the limit because it doesent become more on size,

      it has the same size since the problems began

      and i found no solution for repair the registry or clean it

      that the size will reduce.

      sure, i can delete it, but its a mail program and there are all the settings and accounts

      and i dont want to loose all the accounts and mailprograms, because i tried to

      delete the registry and copy than the mails in the new one, but than i can't see the mails.

      i hope there is a solution or program wo cleans the registry