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    Use of vnetlib.exe or vnetlib64.exe with the new VMWare pro 2017 Tech Preview

    Vnetlibman65 Lurker

      We have a big need of using vnetlib.exe og vnetlib64.exe to add/remove Virtual Networks (vmnet0-vmnet19) instead of using the graphical userinterface in "Virtual Network Editor".

      I was hoping that the updated 2017 Tech Preview would have improved the usage of vnetlib/vnet64lib, but it looks like its still almost impossible to use.

      Ive tried to look at some info given from VMWare Workstation 6.x, but I am not successfull in adding or removing any network adapters:


      And old guide on how to use vnetlib.exe:



      Please VMWare help us the users With updated documentation, on how to use vnetlib64.exe and so on.

      This so that we can use scripts to create and change the vmnets, instead of manuelly using the GUI of the "Virtual Network Editor".

      I really hope we finally can see some documentation on this that Works!



      Please help!!