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    Workstation pro 12.5.7 for Linux not usable with all the kernel 4.13-rc's

    fulwood_jp Novice



      I'm using openSUSE 12.3, and trying to use kernel 4.13-rc7.

      But VMWorkstation 12.5.7 isn't usable with all the kernel 4.13-rc's.


      With all the kernel 4.13-rc, wmware-modconfig works well, so I can get vmmon.ko and vmnet.ko.

      But VMware 12.5.7 is not usable;


      1. Guest Windows 7, freeze soon after starting.




      2. When I try to start guest Win 7, I get the message;


      "The virtual machine is unable to reserve memory, if selecting Retry does not work, try closing programs

      on the host machine to free first.


      Strange! I attached 32GB memory to my machine.

      Moreover, VMWorkstation 12.5.7 works fine with kernel 4.12.


      Yes, I know, there exists a patch; VMware-Workstation-12.5.7-kernel4.13-atomic-inc.patch.zip.

      I applied, but it's to no avail.


      Could someone help me?



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