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    HPE Custom Image for ESXi 5.5.0 U3b GA

    saxman8837 Lurker

      HP C7000 enclosure

      I have 4 new GL 460C Gen9 blades to install.

      My current environment contains 3 GL 460C Gen8 blades with VMware ESXi, 5.5.0, 2403361 installed.

      The plan is to swap out the Gen8 blades for the Gen9.

      I plan on installing blade # 4 then migrating all vm's to Host 2,3, 4 then shutting down host #1, then firing up one of the other new Gen9 blades in the place of Host #1 give it the same identity as Host #1.

      Then rebalance the load back onto host 1,3,4 moving all VM's to other Host and continue until all are replaced.


      Here is my question: VCenter and the current host are at 5.5.0 U2D,  what I have to install on the Blade's OS is HPE Custom Image for ESXi 5.5.0 U3b GA.

      Is ESXi 5.5.0 U3b compatible with my current VCenter and host?



      I wanted to pose this question to VMware Tech Support, but I find Phone Tech Support lacking! No matter how many times I place a support call, they always seem to call me while I'm driving home.