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    ERROR: failed to locate and extract VM_ID

    NikhilSharma123 Novice

      Hi All,


      Need help as I am very new to VMware & ghettovcb.

      Scheduled backups were running fine untill a while ago but it started to fail with the attached error.
      I went to through a similar thread (ERROR: failed to locate and extract VM_ID for) but does not seem like the name is problem here.
      Request you expert advise and help.

      Below is the disk on the ESXi.



      Filesystem   Size   Used Available Use% Mounted on

      VMFS-5       1.6T   1.5T    133.5G  92% /vmfs/volumes/datastore2

      VMFS-5     274.2G 151.0G    123.3G  55% /vmfs/volumes/datastore1

      vfat         4.0G  31.6M      4.0G   1% /vmfs/volumes/512cae09-d9445e90-33a0-2c768a52cddc

      vfat       249.7M 145.2M    104.5M  58% /vmfs/volumes/4fe4697c-eb63f763-9568-874b0e3ede46

      vfat       249.7M 144.6M    105.1M  58% /vmfs/volumes/186ccf7b-a7a9d070-1073-fcc2b6fcb6a8

      vfat       285.8M 209.6M     76.2M  73% /vmfs/volumes/512cadb9-766acebc-4a1d-2c768a52cddc