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    Early Access - Multiple Availability Zones for VMware Validated Design for Software-Defined Data Center 4.1

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      Multiple Availability Zones - VMware Validated Design for Software-Defined Data Center 4.1 | 28 August 2017 |  Early Access


      As many of you may know, we opened this Early Access sub-community to provide you an opportunity to download and discuss pre-released design materials for the VMware Validated Designs. We want you discover the latest content for blueprints that are in development and learn about the direction of the next generation architectures and advance operational guidance.


      Today it's my pleasure to announce the early access materials for the Multiple Availability Zones in the VMware Validated Design for SDDC 4.1. The documentation contains a validated model of the Software-Defined Data Center and provides a detailed design of each management component of the stack. Within this documentation, you'll find an Architecture Overview section that discusses the principles of the multi-availability zone design along with a Detailed Design section that includes all design decisions along with their justification, and implications. Where applicable, we also include associated architecture diagrams like logical design of the availability zones for a protected region, as seen below.


      SDDC Logical.png


      This design also uses two regions, and three availability zones - two availability zones reside in Region A and a single availability zone resides in Region B (LAX). The following diagram shows the how the current design could also be expanded to include multiple availability zones in the future.


      Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 6.39.48 AM.png


      Got feedback?


      We want to hear from you. So dive into this latest early access content and share your feedback directly with our architects and product managers here in this early access community.


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