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    Patching failed

    VirtualRay Hot Shot

      Patch name : ESXi600-20176001.zip


      Dear Friends,


      I was patched my esxi 6.0 with above mentioned patch and my esxi host lost its shared storage after reboot. At that moment it was showing me newer built number.

      but when i rebooted once again and it start showing me the older built number.

      so now when i check the installed vibs. it shows me  the newer one tools-light 6.0.0-3.66.5485776 but main build number of esxi hosts are still the old ones.

      using sas controller P440ar.

      any one is having similar kind of behavior or any information why storage lost ?

      Is that tools-light is a security patch so i can consider that i am good and now no need to re-do.