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    Regression : working with vmdks

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      One of the most useful features of Workstation for ESXi-admins is the option to use Workstation for Coldclone P2V.
      To do that you boot a P2V candidat into a LiveCD with VMware Workstation.
      Then you would create a new VM and assign the physical disks of the physical machine.
      Then you would run vmware-vdiskmanager -r to convert the physical vmdks to regular vmdks.
      With current builds this is no longer possible.
      vmware-vdiskmanager complains that the vmdk is not a virtual disk.
      This means that current Workstation no longer can be used for P2V.
      This is a real pity ....
      For the record - this is not a critical issue - it just shows that the developers do not seem to know how cool Workstation once was ....

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          Can anybody please try the following steps - it will just take a few minutes to test  this.
          1. create new VM
          2. add a physical disk and name it physical.vmdk
          3. run the vmware-vdiskmanager command:
          vmware-vdiskmanager -r  <path_to_physical.vmdk> -t 0 <path_to_import.vmdk>
          4. report the error message
          Thank you