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    Unable to successfully reboot High Sierra VM with encrypted APFS boot drive

    rtrouton Novice

      I'm seeing a problem with VMs running the macOS High Sierra beta, where the VM in question has an encrypted APFS boot drive. Once the drive has begun the encryption process, the VM boot drive will now be unbootable if the VM is restarted or shut down.


      Steps to reproduce:


      1. Set up new macOS High Sierra VM inn VMware Technology Preview 2017

      2. Install VMware Tools

      3. Verify that the new macOS High Sierra VM is using a boot drive that has Apple File System (APFS) for its filesystem.

      4. Open System Preferences

      5. Open the Security preference pane and select the FileVault tab

      6. Authenticate with admin username and password by clicking on the lock.

      7. Click the "Turn on FileVault...." button.

      8. Enable desired users.


      The encryption process should now begin. Past this point, if the VM is restarted or shut down, it will be unbootable the next time the VM is started.


      How can I fix this?