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    SCSI LUN id query

    Sureshkumar M Expert

      In the past there were issues observed on ESXi hosts due to the lun id mismatch. LUN id is not uniform across hosts in the cluster which causes issues with RDM vmotion / multipathing issues.


      If a device is presented to a set of hosts where few hosts see the device as LUN1 for example and other hosts see it as LUN2, then the problem arises. So we have to make the presentation uniform to make all the host to see that particular device with same LUN number.


      My query now is, if I have two storage boxes and each storage starts numbering the lun from LUN0. In such case if I present a LUN from storage1 to the cluster with LUN0 and present a  new LUN from second storage with LUN0 , so now we have to two devices with LUN0 from two different storage boxes, is this is supported ?


      what would be the implications on host because of having more devices with same LUN number.