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    SRM server with GUID not found

    Kaylin Novice

      Good day everyone,


      I would like some assistance with a error I'm getting at my protected site with SRM when i log into the web client.


      The error occurred after i rejoined my host at my protected site to vCenter and re installed SRM at the protected site and reconfigured my replication, sites and protected groups.


      So the error occurs every time i login to the web client on the protected site it first says No matching SRM key found then goes on to say SRM server with guid not found.


      The strange think is if i click on home and go to Site recovery manager i can see my site pairings, can access my protected groups and recovery plan.


      I have broke the pairing and reconfigured the protected and reocvery site but i am still getting the error on the protected site


      The recovery site is fine and I'm not getting any errors there