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    SRM 6.5 and NetApp SRA

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      I am installing a dual datacentre vSphere 6.5 solution which uses NetApp hardware. At the primary ste we have an AFA 200 All flash array, and at the DR site, a 8200 Hybrid array.

      We will be using Clustered ONTAP 9.x and Site recovery Manager 6.5.1.


      When I check the compatibility matrix for SRM, it only details a single SRA being available, which is listed as NetApp Santricity SRA which lists only E-Series arrays.

      On the NetApp site, there is a Virtual Appliance for download, which looks like it is a provides all of the functionality previously provided by the VASA, VCS and SRA software. This is really confusiong as it looks like this is not yet supported by VMware?


      Does any have SRM 6.5x running with NetApp arrays that can verify what works and what doesn't?