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    Accessibility software

    mellicott Enthusiast

      Hi All,


      Has anyone has good results with Accessibility software, such as Zoomtext and Jaws screen reader?


      Any tips? Do you put it in the gold image or appstack it?


      Cheers in advance,



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          dolphin_jane Lurker

          Hi Martin,

          I notice you didn't get a reply to this post.  If you are still interested in the subject, Dolphin recently introduced support for VMWare Horizon with SuperNova Enterprise v18.02.  SuperNova is an equivalent product to Jaws+ZoomText, developed in the UK.


          Further information here:

          SuperNova Enterprise | Dolphin Computer Access


          You'll find links to a free 30 day trial, system requirements and MSI redistributables towards the bottom of the page.


          We would appreciate any feedback - you can send it to me at jane.brassington@yourdolphin.com

          A further note: we licence by user, not by device, so it can be installed wherever needed within the purchasing organisation.




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            Ray_handels Master
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            oooh commercials.. This always tickles my senses ..


            The biggest part about software being added into an Appstack is licensing and drivers because you need to have a licensing model that does not work based on a hash or computer name. You also don;t want to have the user log in every day to use a product.


            That being said. We have tried to work with accessibility within Windows itself but it does not work that well with VDI environments in general. It might be that SuperNova indeed does the trick. We never had a question for it after we tried to implement it a few years back so never looked at it anymore.

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              dolphin_jane Lurker

              Tickles can be good?!  Our licensing is based on users not devices, so you can deploy to any client or server required by the user. The admin can control the login behaviour from our config manager.  If you have time & interest, our 30 day trial is fully functional and also includes email support during the period. Always pleased to receive constructive feedback if it's not working for you for any reason!

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                BC559 Novice

                I have packaged JAWS Screen Reader as an AppStack and it works.

                You have to create an 'LSFORCEHOST' environment variable pointing to your license server

                We had an error popping up at first but worked with JAWS Support and they sent us an updated settings.ini file which did not install the Accessibility Driver that was causing the error.

                Finally we had to run the install using  <path to the installer exe> /replacesettings "c:\Updated Settings\settings.ini"


                *The manner in which it is used in VDI is for Developers to validate their sites are 508 compliant and able to be read by a screen reader.

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                  mat2k7 Novice



                  we've put both in the Gold Image. They are working "ok" using Hosts with Nvidia Grid Cards. We are going to do some testing with Supernova 18.02 soon.