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    Thousands of "The pending session on machine XXX for user XXX has expired" events per day.

    nary4484 Novice

      Everyday I come into work and see thousands of the same message in the title.  This is happening in multiple floating pools.  These pools are 24/7 always on kiosk type VM's using zero-clients.  When this problem happens zero clients are unable to connect even though there are available VM's in the pool.  They will connect but no until after I delete all the available VM's and let new ones spin up.  After I do this things seem to work for about 15-20 hours and the same thing happens again. 


      Happening in both View 6.2.1 and Horizon 7.1 environments.  Using Windows 10 LTSB 2016 for the parent image.


      Has anybody seen this before?  I had an SR open for this and they said to turn off client-side caching in the registry of the parent image but this did not resolve the issue. 


      Any suggestion would be great!  If you need any other information I'd be happy to help provide that.


      Other details:

      Zero Clients: Samsung NC190, Dell FX100, WYSE PxN

      Firmware: All v4.7.1

      Guest OS: Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB

      Profile Mgmg: Persona

      Protocol: PCoIP