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    get-view -viewtype

    tdubb123 Master

      can i use get-view -viewtype to filter on multiple items?




      I want to get esxi version of esxi hosts on cluster1


      get-view -viewtype computeresource -filter @{"Name"="cluster1"}


      but how do I get the esxi hosts as well?


      get-view -viewtype hostsystem -filter

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          LucD Guru
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          No need to use the Filter in this case, you can use the SearchRoot parameter.

          Something like this


          $clusterName = 'MyCluster'

          $cluster = Get-Cluster -Name $clusterName

          Get-View -ViewType HostSystem -Property Name,Config.Product -SearchRoot $cluster.ExtensionData.MoRef |

          Select Name,@{N='Version';E={$_.Config.Product.Version}}

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            tdubb123 Master

            thanks Luc


            how about if I got a text file of hosts instead


            is this the best way to get the data


            $vmhosts = get-content vmhosts.txt

            foreach ($vmhost in $vmhosts){


            get-vmhost | get-view | select Name, @{N="version";e={$_.extensiondata.config.product.version}


            or can i still use get-view -viewtype?

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              tdubb123 Master

              ok i think this worked as well


              get-view -viewtype hostsystem -SearchRoot (get-content .\vmhosts.txt).Id | select NAme, @{N="version";e={$_.config.product.fullname}}

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                LucD Guru
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                I'm afraid that would not work, the SearchRoot parameter expects a MoRef.

                In this case you better use the Filter.

                Join the names together with the RegEx Or operator.

                Something like this


                $esxNames = (Get-Content .\vmhosts.txt) -join '|'

                Get-View -ViewType HostSystem -Filter @{'Name'=$esxNames} |

                select Name, @{N="Version";e={$_.config.product.fullname}}

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                  tdubb123 Master



                  i tried this command and it is working.


                  can you try ?


                  get-view -viewtype hostsystem -SearchRoot (get-content .\vmhosts.txt).Id | select NAme, @{N="version";e={$_.config.product.fullname}}

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                    LucD Guru
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                    It depends what you have in that .txt file?

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                      tdubb123 Master

                      its just a list of esxhosts






                      the command take a long time to run though

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                        LucD Guru
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                        I suspect that might return something because the cmdlet seems to interpret that as a $null value for the SearchRoot parameter.

                        In fact when I do the following, it returns indeed all ESXi nodes under my vCenter.

                        I suspect it might also returns all ESXi nodes known under your vCenter, independent what you put in the .txt file.


                        Get-View -ViewType HostSystem -SearchRoot $null | select Name