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    Large amounts of Traffic using port 4172

    me6093 Lurker

      We have a Dell Wyse client at a remote location. The remote location has a sonicwal and so does our main office. We have a site to site vpn established.

      We are running Vmware Horizon 7, Esxi 6.5, Secuirty Server in our main office. This one particular Wyse Client (remote office) at 6:00 PM transmitted 600 meg of data from our wyse client (Physical hardware/ip address) to our Horizon 7 server. The traffic was flowing over port 4127. Normally this wouldn't be a problem but this remote site is using a cellular internet router. So tyring to keep traffic as low is possible is a priority. The funny thing is that i know for a fact no one was in that remote office and the users states he shut his wyse client off.


      Can anyone give me some guidance on this?