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    Any changes for high DPI support?

    cynar Novice

      I have had a look at the "What’s new in Workstation Tech Preview 2017" document and do not see any changes related to high DPI support, or even mixed DPI support, on the Windows platform.


      Specifically, the current production version of VMware Workstation is a bit of a challenge to use on a (Windows 10) laptop with a high DPI screen (e.g. a Dell XPS 13, 3200x1800) - and these problems get worse the moment that a secondary display with more normal DPI is attached (e.g. an Asus PB278Q at 2560x1440).


      The following scenarios are a pain for me:

      • run a high DPI-unaware guest full screen on the high DPI host - try, e.g. some older Linux distribution with a desktop environment inside VMware
      • docking / undocking changes screen DPI-ness, and this totally messes up the sizing of the VMware Workstation controls (icons, fonts etc), sometimes making it extremely hard to recover into a workable setup again.


      I appreciate that these DPI scenarios are a pain, but I also believe that VMware Workstation should a) enable the guest in such scenarios and b) handle these scenarios itself fine, too.