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    Please document system requirements for the host OS

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      Please document system requirements for the host OS.
      The "whats new ..." document is incorrect and it is a real pain if you have to realize that the Beta will not run on your host after you uninstalled a working WS 12*
      If I were a normal user I would be very angry about the misguiding information !!!

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          Hi Ulli,

          Thanks for pointing this out! Sorry for this  inconvenience and confusion. We are clarifying with developers about this and will update the system requirements asap.  Thanks!

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            > Sorry for this  inconvenience and confusion.
            Permission to speak freely ?

            Since the questionable management decisions of 2016 I expect to see VMware Workstation going down the drain.
            All releases after 12.01 seem to confirm this impression.
            When I heard about the new Beta I expected a total mess.
            Actually I was positively surprised to see no obvious flaws in the new installer.
            It actually worked without any need for manual interventions.
            But when I noticed that I cant start any VMs at all - not even after applying all known tweaks - just because my host uses a Xeon CPU

            - well then I was satisfied again as my expectations were fulfilled.
            So I expected a fail and got what I expected.
            I am absolutely sure that I am not the only long term power user which has expectations similar to mine.
            In my personal case this is no problem ... I was able to find an ugly workaround after 2 hours with a hexeditor.
            Your normal audience will react different.
            I dont think that you should risk pissing off your users with defunct installations - especially not in cases like this one.
            Here two lines in a Known Issues chapter of the "whats new ..." document would have been enough to turn a pissed off user into a happy user.
            Known Issues:
            - XEON CPUs may no longer be supported in future releases.
            To workaround the problem add the line:

            monitor.allowLegacyCPU = "true"
            to every vmx-file.
            Keep in mind that those days when Workstation was the only kid on the block are long gone.
            Nowadys you have to compete with freeware which in many aspects already offers a superior product.
            Dont anoy your users because of missing communication between marketing and developers.
            If you want to hear the full version of this short rant feel free to call me via skype.
            Regards Ulli