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    VCSA HA Deployment: Different Sites

    Dryv Enthusiast

      Hi Guys,


      I wanted to understand if its possible to deploy VCSA in HA deployment across 3 different sites using different IP Subnets, but all can route to each other, as follows:



      Mgmt IP: a.a.a.a

      HA IP: x.x.x.x



      Mgmt IP: b.b.b.b

      HA IP: y.y.y.y



      Mgmt IP: c.c.c.c

      HA IP: z.z.z.z


      If the above is possible then:


      - When a failover happens from Active to Passive, do clients stop using IP a.a.a.a and start using IP b.b.b.b to reach vCenter services? Or would I need to manually make a change in DNS to point the VCSA FQDN from a.a.a.a to b.b.b.b and get that refreshed out across my network?

      - Is there a guide that explains how to set it up this way?


      As usual, thanks