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    Change IP for VM kernel mgmt of esxi host (trunk port)

    Wajeeh Enthusiast

      Dear All,


      I have Two esxi hosts in a cluster. Two NIC in each esxi host are configured as trunk so I have my vm kernel port and also VM network configured in same. One NIC in each host is set for vmotion. Now due to certain requirements I need to change the IP for vmkernel port of esxi. I need to understand changing will effect running VM or not. I am thinking like this:


      - disable HA in cluster

      - remove host from vcenter

      -physically change esxi mgmt. IP, restart mgmt. IP

      -add the esxi to new vcenter server, since we will be shutting down old vcenter and new vcenter is in new IP range the same as I want to change for esxi


      are above given steps ok?