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    no sound in windows 98

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      no sound in windows 98

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          I would advise against connecting the Windows 98 VM directly to the internet via NAT/bridge. I would recommend downloading from your host machine. Assuming you have VMware Tools installed on the Windows 98 VM you can drag and drop the downloaded file.


          Do not attempt the install a later date version because that will just trash the Windows 98 VM into a BSOD.


          Here is the link to the Windows 95/98 audio driver



          And this is a description of the download


          Filesize : 975.17 KB

          Release Date: 27 Aug 99

          File Name : epw9xup.exe


          ENSONIQ Audio PCI Driver for Windows 9x

          This is the latest standalone driver for Creative ENSONIQ AudioPCI on Windows 95/98. This update is meant for users who are using version 113x series driver.

          This release includes:

          • new drivers (Ver: 4.05.1139) for Creative ENSONIQ AudioPCI (ES1371 Card)
          • Creative ENSONIQ AudioPCI Mixer
          • Improved audio for titles that support 3D audio
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            Yes - that is expected behaviour.
            vmware-tools do not come with drivers for the soundcard - you have to download and install the drivers manually.