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    Network Impairment - Cool Idea, Unreliable, Request for Enhancement

    skipeaze Lurker

      I love the idea of the network impairment features. This is valuable for a lot of IT professionals who might want to test user-experience/application performance with a simulation of network conditions of a real user, even though the IT/tester is local to data center. Great enhancement.



      A couple notes:

      + For me on a MacBook Pro 13" TouchBar with Sierra, network connectivity is unreliable once you activate any of the network impairment features. Initial transfers appear to validate the configured settings, but then you'll lose all connectivity (e.g. Windows will conclude it has lost connectivity even though Link is up). I've tried various Linux OS's as well for client OS with impairment. All behave consistently (unreliable)



      + Packet loss configuration only allows integer values and I believe "realistic" Internet packet loss rates are likely underneath 1%. I'd recommend allowing configuration down to the tenths of a percentage score