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    PowerCli .NET and Connection status

    nemo14 Lurker


      i'm using VMWare.Vim library for .NET application,  to inspect my hypervisor. Usually i start a request with Connect() method,querying items and Disconnect(), and all works. 

      I would like to avoid Connect/Disconnect every time to improve performance but i notes there's no property o method to check if connection is alive (just for example the  network fall down).

      So I would like to know if is there a suggestion to check connection status or if i must connect/disconnect every time.


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          LucD Guru
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          If you check the SessionManager, the CurrentSession property indicates if a there is a live session.


          If you want to avoid doing a Connect-Disconnect each time, you also look at the SaveSession and LoadSession methods.

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            nemo14 Lurker

            Thanks for your reply. I'm newbie in vSphere PowerCLI and I'm not able to get access to  SessionManager property from VimClientImpl.ServiceContent (see attached file). Where am I wrong (below my connection code)?


            VimClient _connectionclient = new VimClientImpl();

            string connectionstring = "https://" + _connectionname + "/sdk";


            _connectionclient.Login(_username, _password)


             if (_connectionclient == null ) _connectionclient = new VimClientImpl();
                            string connectionstring = "https://" + _connectionname + "/sdk";
                            logMessage = string.Format("[{0} Plugin] connection String: {1} Username: {2} Password: {3}", Runclass.PluginNameST(), connectionstring, _username, _password);
                            _connectionclient.Login(_username, _password);
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              LucD Guru
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              The SessionManager in ServiceContent is a MoRef (a Managed Object Reference).

              Kind of like a pointer, you will have to use GetView method to get the actual object from the MoRef.


              In the vSphere SDK for .NET Developer’s Guide you'll find examples.

              Also have a look at the VMware{code} site, they have examples as well.

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                nemo14 Lurker

                Many thanks all it's clear now.