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    AutoStart delay first VM Start

    mschaffner Lurker

      After a power fail happens and power is restored, I have both my vSphere machine and my NAS machine starting up on power restore.


      I have autostart configured and it works, but the first VM auto-starts as soon as vSphere is ready.   I need to delay that start of the first VM for a few minutes while the NAS comes online, as it takes longer to go through boot then vSphere.


      Any suggestions on how to delay the start of the first VM auto-start for some period of time?

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          ChrisWade Lurker

          I see this is an old post, but I wanted to know the same and have found the answer.

          We are using version 6.5, so don't know if this will work for older versions

          If you connect directly to the host and right click on the host which you want to start first, select autostart and configure, you can change the startup delay of this vm only.

          I can't find how to do this from vcenter server, but once you have changed locally, it is reflected in the autostart section on vcenter server.

          If you need to see the config locally, you can right click on a column header and select which columns you want to see (autostart order and startup delay)