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    provisioning for Two domains

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      I have big problem . I have red many articles but i can not solve my problem.

      I have Horizon view with one domain abc I have secound domain in different forest cba. I want to be able to provision VMs for all users from abc and cba domain. I have add cba domain via vdmadmin but my Horizon view can not show cba domain in dashboard forest trust works ok , cba domain dns is resolved properly . Have I forget about sth to be able to put my plan live?

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          dineshgoundar Enthusiast

          Hi. Which version of Horizon are you using? So from what I understand is that in Horizon dashboard, when you expand Domains, you are only able to see abc domain and not cba, correct?


          If so, then there is something not right with the forest trust. Is the trust two way or one way? I have a similar environment with two forest and the moment the AD trust was created (two way), the second domain showed up in the Horizon dashboard. From here, I edited the composer configuration through Horizon Admin to add in the second domain and I can successfully create desktops in the second domain.


          Please check the trust between the two domains.

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            pvito2 Lurker

            dineshgoundar Thank You very much for responce. I am using Horizon View 7 . Trust ist two way.

            I have checked many times and trust is ok. I can login with user CBA on VM abc without any problem.

            So still I can see only abc domain is some another way to check if trust works perfect to exclude trust from the problem?

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              pvito2 Lurker

              One more. You have written that You edit composer could be the reason that i didnt add secound domain in composer details? To add domain in composer do I have to have domain admins privilages?@

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                dineshgoundar Enthusiast

                Sorry I am not a Windows admin so wouldn't be able to help you much with that. But you should be able to go to AD domain and trust mmc and test the connection. Also, do you have conditional forwarders configured for the two domains, both ways? You don't need domain admin privileges to add the domain to the composer. You will need a service account in the second domain with appropriate AD privileges (Documentation for VMware Horizon 7 version 7.0) and use this service account to add the domain in composer settings within Horizon Admin.