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    Vmware Tools defect since Version 10.x.x with server 2012R2 msg.snapshot.error-QUIESCINGERROR

    Supi_du Novice

      Hello Community,


      I am facing with a Snapshot Problem with one Single Server 2012R2 VM with Exchange 2013.



      Dell R430, ESXi 6.0 U3 5572656.


      The Error Message is the following and the Snapshot failes:


      Create virtual machine snapshot VM-Exchange

      An error occurred while saving the snapshot:



      I hoped the latest update fixed this as the release notes says:

      VMware Tools 10.1.10 Release Notes

      Quiesced snapshots of Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 virtual machines with VMware Tools 10.1.0 fails with an error.

      This issue is resolved in this release.

      But again last night, the Problem still exist.


      To be more complicated, the Problem is rather intermitted.  3-4 Backups with snapshot works, the error occurs.

      I just testet 3 Snapshot after upgrade to 10.1.10 an "no error" , ? Problem solved? ... not yet.


      So now i am back with VmTools 9.10.5.


      Im gettting this Problem with every Tools Version 10.x .  After 5-7 Days (Nightime Backup Windows)  the Problem occurs,

      And before my Test of Version 10.1.10 yesterday the Backup runs for about 4 Weeks with Version 9.10.5 without any snapshot error.


      So for me it is rather clear the Problem has to do with Version 10.x and some changes.


      Is there someome with a hint?  :-)

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