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    Summing, but retaining individual metrics out of the total

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      I am using a Nagios metric which shows the total free space for a number of hosts on my network. All nodes have ~2TB of free space. This lots of lines (metrics) for each node to be present around the same areas on a chart that only reaches 2.2TB on the x-axis.


      My TS query is as follows:
      ts(wpc.diskdata.data, role=compute)


      I can change my TS query to sum these metrics together, i.e.:

      sum(ts(wpc.diskdata.data, role=compute), metrics)


      The latter query gives me most of what I need:
      - total free space is displayed on the X axis (several hundred TB)
      - corresponding metric for total free space displayed along Y axis


      However, I lose the individual metrics for each host and now I only get a total. I'm trying to retain the individual host info and have them stacked in separate lines out of the total free space on the X axis.
      I'm wondering how one would get this data from Wavefront.



      -- mickm