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    I lost access to my Vcenter now I can't connect to my host through GUI

    jokafor Lurker

      I am newbie so please bear with me if my issue is not well articulated. I installed Windows 2012R2 on one of my virtual servers in my EXSi Host. After the installation I installed Vcenter server on the Windows 2012 Server. The idea is to use the Vcenter server to manage my HOST. Before installing the Vcenter server I was managing my HOST through the GUI with no issues.

      After installing the Vcenter I used the web client to log into the Vcenter. The first thing I did was to create a Datacenter then I was prompted to add my HOST. When adding the HOST, under LockDown mode I chose Normal. I believe choosing normal was a big mistake because normal only allow you to connect to your HOST through Vcenter or direct console access to the host.

      I lost access to my Vcenter because I rebooted my EXSi host and now I can’t get to my host through the GUI. When I try to login through the GUI I get an error that permission to perform the operation was denied.

      Is there a way around this short of reinstalling the hypervisor?