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    Logoff never completes

    mellicott Enthusiast



      I'm having an issue with some of my users whereby when they try to logon in the morning they are greeted with a message saying they already have a session going.  When we look at that session we see that the PC is stuck on ...



      Issuing a Shut down guest is ineffective, a Power off is required to boot the session.


      We use linked clones, version numbers listed in my signatures.  Has anyone experienced this?  Any ideas where to look?





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          TechMassey Hot Shot

          There could be a LOT of reasons for that behavior. The good news for you though, is the VM is still accessible. When you discover a VM in this state, place it in maintenance mode inside the View Administrator to avoid any further provisioning. It is now a crime scene!


          You want to review the Horizon View Agent logs by browsing via UNC: \\hostname\c$\programdata\VMware\VDM\Logs


          Specifically the files beginning with 'Log' or 'Debug'. Also try to correlate Windows Events with the last time stamp in those logs, may be it is trying to stop a service for instance.


          If you don't find any obvious reasons there, check the View Connection Server logs in the same path as above.

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            mellicott Enthusiast

            Thanks Massey, we've now narrowed it down to having a smart card reader plugged in while using an underlying device running Horizon View Client 4.4!  3.52 doesn't cause this issue.


            Unplugging the card reader before logging off removes the issue.



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              TechMassey Hot Shot

              Nice find! I have a couple possible solutions.


              1. If you are not using smart card authentication for View, try disabling it on the connection server. Even though it is not in use, there may be some underlying recognition of the device being there.


              2, If USB redirection is not needed, disabling it should resolve the issue. You could set this on the client side which would allow other logins to use USB redirection.