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    iMac 27'' 2017 - when quitting VMware Fusion, disconnects all hard drives, Bluetooth devices

    kvasa Lurker



      I'm not sure where else to report bugs - please let me know if this is the wrong place.


      I have a new iMac 27'' (introduced in June) with 4.2GHz i7 and 32GB of RAM. I have a Thunderbolt external hard drive (LaCie Porsche Design 8TB), where all the VMs reside as well. No matter what VM is running, after a while, when I quit VMWare (suspending the VM), when VMWare actually quits, I get notifications that the drive was not properly disconnected and the Bluetooth completely resets, disconnecting all devices - which is a big deal given that both mouse and keyboard are connected via Bluetooth - and the BT is in a weird state where it will not automatically reconnect. Since the drive is disconnected as such, the VM's memory image is often corrupted.


      I've tested this with a trial of the regular VMware Fusion (non-beta) with the same results. Is there any chance this will be fixed any time soon? I find this a very serious bug - I'm looking for a VM software and UI-wise, I like VMware the best, but will let it corrupt my drives, have issues with keyboard and mouse, etc.


      I am more than willing to provide any logs if necessary.

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