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    Bug: mouse and keyboard not working.

    jmtella Enthusiast



      1) In the upper tabs some open virtual machine.

      2) In the inventory the rest of virtual machines.


      a) Open machines in 1).

      b) I then open a shared virtual machine that was not listed on the inventory tabs.


      This machine does not acquire the mouse nor the keyboard. You can not operate on it.


      If at that moment I open another instance of vmware in empty, and active the virtual machine shared from the inventory, against, if that works correctly.



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          Zongmin Enthusiast
          VMware Employees

          Hi jmtella,


          Thank you for trying Workstation Tech Preview 2017 and provide us your feedbacks!

          For the issue you reported, we are aware of it now and we are now working on a fix!

          We'd like to hear from your further feedbacks about this Tech Preview, especially about how do you like the new features. Thanks!