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    Automate VCSA 6.5 Backup - crontab Issue

    TrophyWife Novice

      First: Essentially I'm a basic knowledge Linux admin.



      I set up vCSA 6.5 backup using this great article:




      Running the script manually works perfect.



      However, I am not able to get the crontab automatic job working. From my testing, it's not running at all.



      Putty'd to VCSA.



      Launched crontab -e



      It looks like this:

      0 19 * * * /usr/local/bin/vCSA-Backup.sh



      Saved and get:

      crontab: installing new crontab



      No backup.



      In an article, I saw this recommendation to see if cron is running the crontab at all:



      0 19 * * * touch /tmp/a_command_has_run



      This makes a file in /tmp apparently and I ran it manually to confirm it does.



      No file created from the automated job.



      When I look at time it is showing UTC, but in case this is a time zone issue, I checked after an overnight where it should have run in either time zone and got nothing.



      So just in case of a time zone problem, I modified the crontab to make two files based on time.

      0 17 * * * touch /tmp/a_command_has_run17

      0 12 * * * touch /tmp/a_command_has_run12





      Neither were made.



      I would appreciate any direction on this issue.