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    Metal -- DX shaders not previously in OpenGL?

    atlauren Novice

      Going back to Fusion 2, the original Deus Ex (now on Steam as the GOTY edition, but I digress) renders but is very, very dark. Even on the brightest setting it is only barely playable.  Every couple of Fusion releases I've gone down the rabbit hole of trying different 3D solutions, including various engine (Unreal Tournament) hacks to swap in different render engines.  None work well. I've deduced that the original game relied on DX shaders that didn't have a corresponding analog in Apple's (reduced) OpenGL implementation.  (I can track down forum threads, bugs, and emails with VMWare about this.)


      But now we're using Metal! Yay! Perchance does the Metal solution introduce coverage for DX shaders not previously covered via OpenGL?