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    Using SDK in c#, trying to revert, but not finding RevertSnapshot(), only RevertToCurrentSnapshot()?

    Biohazarus Lurker

      Hi, doing a tool to help managing the systems and need to revert them once a while.

      We are currently using PowerCLI scripts but I want to bring it to the next level using a UI to display a bit more detail and remove some "potential error prone" typing by adding simple clicking.


      The UI would be complete, just need to hook the revert function.

      I am using Visual Studio Community 2017, had PowerCLI 5.8 install and used that vmware.vim.dll.

      I then install PowerCLi 6.5 and updated VS references.

      Found a couple of example here and there using [...].revertSnapshot() and looked pretty straight forward.

      But the only revert related function that I have in my option is [...]RevertToCurrentSnapshot() {There is also a _Task() but that "the next question"}


      So it feel like I either don't have the right reference or not calling the right thing...


      Thanks in advance,