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    DX Verson Support?

    dlhotka Virtuoso

      First... Metal-based Graphics Acceleration?  Freakin' awesome!


      Does it increase the DX Version supported?


      On, and automated Disk Cleanup?  Nice!

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          RickShu Expert
          VMware Employees

          So far the DX support remains on feature level 10.0.

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            Mikero Master
            VMware Employees

            Thanks! Metal is enabled by default but if it causes rendering issues it can be disabled. In my testing it's been working out just fine, but I'm very likely not exercising it as much as it could be.

            Performance wise we've seen many areas improve but also some areas that were slower, so we know there's work to be done, and that work is underway.


            It does not change the DX or OpenGL version inside the guest tho, the gains we're seeing are around performance, "correctness" and energy consumption.

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              dlhotka Virtuoso

              Thanks folks...Dragon Age Inquisition will wait another couple of versions :-)

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                Mohannad Novice

                Oh man I was really hoping for DirectX 12 support. As a radiologist my software requires it. It's really the only thing holding me back in the PC world.

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                  billhollings Lurker

                  I'm curious about how DX10 geometry shaders are supported under a Metal implementation.


                  Can you shed any light on how they are used, given that Metal does not natively support geometry shaders?



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                    paaljoachim Lurker

                    I too also hope to see the newest DirectX version implemented.
                    I too have a few games that require a newer version.

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                      friday13 Lurker

                      I was really hoping to switch from Parallels to VMWare with release 10 but the tech preview doens't fill me with optimism. I am talking about DX support. I run Autodesk's Revit Architecture software and under Parallels I get full anti-aliasing support as offered by Revit. Under the latest tech preview I do not get any anti-aliasing even though it's enabled in Revit. In fact I simply imported my Prallels VM to VMWare and then tweaked the settings to make sure that I take advantage of all the latest bells and whistles.


                      If anyone knows anything about this I'm all ears as I'm pretty fed up with Parallels and their lack of consideration for their customers.